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Tyre Repairs

Specialised Tyre & Rubber Repairers is a family owned and operated company located in South Australia. Backed by over 40 years experience in the earthmoving industry, in repairs and the removal/fitment of off the road industrial tyres, buying and selling used and second hand earthmover tyres.

This vast experience on the many various construction and mining sites across the country has allowed us to gain a strong understanding of the inner workings of the industry, and it is this great level of experience that we are able to draw upon to enable our customers gain the most out of their tyres.

The many varied harsh environments and constant strain that OTR and industrial tyres are regularly exposed to means that failures are not an uncommon occurrence, whether they are due to manufacturing faults, under inflation, punctures or a multitude of other causes.

Specialised Tyres has been able to carry out major repairs on tyres being marked "NWR" and sent to the scrap when a quality repair will extend the tyre's useful life. In order for us to do this we have decided that all our repairs must be of extremely high level of quality as we have seen many fail due to having an incorrectly prepared repair area, mismatching incompatible repair products etc. We have also witnessed repairs that have failed due to incorrect patch selection either by having a patch which is too small or simply isn't strong enough to provide adequate reinforcement for the repair.

These types of failures have left a sour taste in the mouths of many tyre users and we are seeking to change this situation through using a high quality proven system with a strict procedure and using a very strict quality control to ensure that every tyre repaired at our facility is done correctly, providing the best quality at a reasonable price.

Within the tyre industry the use of labels such as "NWR" (Not Worth Repair) had become far too liberal. It is our belief that there is someone able to make such a decision about a tyre and that is the owner. A tyre may have 10% or less on it and still be a viable repair for the customer provided there is a use for that tyre such as a tread match-up. Damaged tyres only really have two applicable labels "Repairable" and "Unrepairable".

It is often practically impossible to determine the reparability of a tyre in the field. It is not until the tyre has been cut open and properly examined to determine the extent of the injury that a true assessment can be made except in cases where the damage is immediately obvious such as a casing separation or a major blow out.

In the field our representatives will give an opinion of whether they believe the tyre to be repairable or not and can also give a price for the repair. If the customer wishes we would then take the tyre to our facility for a proper diagnosis. If the tyre is repairable it is done at a quoted cost regardless of the size of the repair required. If after proper assessment the tyre cannot be repaired then it is either returned to the customer at his cost or will be scrapped at an E.P.A. approved waste facility at a reasonable scrapping charge.

Specialised Tyres has made a commitment to bring our customers the highest quality of services and as such we have chosen the range of equipment and consumables manufactured and sold by Rema Tip Top, an ISO9001 approved company with over 75 years as the world leader in tyre repair technology, offering professional training and support and the highest quality products. Our staff regularly liaises with Rema Tip Top representatives to ensure that our repairs remain at their high standards and to help us keep abreast of any changes in repair methods and technology. We also use the Monarch repair system which offers the same service.

We fit and repair tyres on each customer's particular needs and are able to provide a completely independent consultancy service to each of our clients advising on which particular tyre brands and tyres are suitable for their particular requirements. We feel that this structure enables us to avoid having any conflict of interest and attain a level of trust with our clients as we are enabling all of our customers to obtain the maximum use out of their off the road and industrial tyres.

We hope you found this information helpful and hope to hear from you in the near future, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or come into our offices if you are in the area.

Specialised Tyre & Rubber Repairers

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